Beauty & the Beast (2007)

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST transports you into the life of Belle, a young and dreamy bookworm who lives with her father, Maurice. Maurice wishes to present his new invention to a fair in the town nearby. On the way there, the old man gets lost in the woods. He reaches the metal gates of a ravaged castle and slips inside the abode. Inside he meets some servants of the castle who had been transformed into objects: Lumière, the candlestick, Cogsworth, the clock and Mrs. Potts the teapot. They settle Maurice in front of a fire to warm him up. The master of the castle, an horrible beast, turns up and, discovering Maurice sitting in his chair, throw him in the dungeon.


Belle, worried, goes to look for her father alone. She manages to find and slip into the castle. In the dungeon, father and daughter find each other again but the Beast returns and discovers them. The monster refuses to let the old mango. Belle gives up her freedom and consents to taking her father's place.


Little by little, Belle discovers the Beast's sensitive soul and suspicion gives way to love.

The Dramafreaks on stage