Dance of the Vampires (2005)

In a small village of Transylvania named Königsberg, the inhabitants are terrified by a strange presence. Alfred, a scared student, is looking for his mentor, professor Abronsius, who is lost in the snow. They find shelter in an inn, where the two find the first clue indicating the existence of vampires.: there is garlic everywhere! However, all clients refuse to admit the truth and the innkeepr, Chagal, even denies the existence of a castle nearby.

Sarah, the innkeeper's daughter, suddenly disappears. Alfred and professor Abronsius go and look for her. She is detained in the castle of the terrifying Count Von Krolock and the two travellers manage to find his track. They soon find out that the castle is packed with blood suckers. Vampires rise from their graves and the ball can begin.

The Dramafreaks on stage