Mary Poppins (2014)

1910 : George and Winifred Banks live with their two children, Jane and Michael, in a residential neighbourhood of London: Cherry Tree Lane. Their nannies run away one after the other, scared off by the two little devils. Mrs Brill and Robertson Ay, loyal members of the domestic staff complain about the family's turbulent daily life. Unexpectedly, a new nanny comes into the picture. She takes care of Jane and Michael and shakes up the habits of the two spoiled children. She teaches them to be more respectful and to look beyond apparences.

As for Mr and Mrs Banks, they are having trouble understanding each other since he is having issues at the bank he works at and she doesn't seem to be happy being a housewife.

One day the wind changes and Mary departs, leaving Jane and Michael alone. She is replaced by Miss Andrew who is George's old nanny Winifred engaged to please him. Miss Andrew appears to be a real tyrannical shrew. What will happen to the two children? Where is Mary Poppins? Will she come back?

Extracts from the show and the rehearsals

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