Priscilla (2012)

Mitzi, a drag queen, Bernadette, a transexual whose boyfriend just passed away, and Felicia, a young and annoying homosexual drag queen, leave Sidney to go perform in a casino in Alice Springs, a lost town in the middle of the Australian bush. In order to get there, they buy a bus from Swedish men, paint it pink and name it "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".

On their way, they get a taste of the rural Australian attitude - way less tolerant towards homosexuality than the megalopolis – and some sexual violences. Despite the many breakdowns of the bus, the group finally arrives in Alice Springs, ready to perform the show they have been rehearsing all along the journey. However, before they get there, Mitzi reveals that he is in fact married. The trip he had planned was in reality mostly to help his wife who owns the casino where the little company is supposed to perform. She had also asked him to take care of their child, a ten year old boy, at least for a while.

Extracts from the show

The Dramafreaks in rehearsals

The Dramafreaks on stage