Sister Act (2013)

Deloris Van Cartier, a « meneuse de revue » searching for celebrity sees her world collapse when she witnesses the murder committed by her boss and lover Shank. She calls on lieutenant Eddie who gets her under protection until the trial. The only suitable hideout : a convent! So, Deloris takes the veil and the identity of Sister Mary Clarence. She has trouble adapting to her new life. Goodbye glitter and glamour, from now on she is asked to follow three rules : obedience, poverty and chastity, quite unusual for the young woman! If the sisters are happy to meet the new comer, their Mother Superior does not show the same affection for Deloris. The only task that could suit the latter is the direction of the choir. She takes matters into her own hands and brings disco into the church! The rhythm of the songs and the energy of the sisters attract more and more people to the dominical mass. Newspapers haste to tell and share the rebirth of the convent thanks to its choir, a piece of information Shank soon finds out about. What will happen to Deloris? Will she flee to protect her life or stay with her new friends and perform a unique show in front of the Pope himself?

Extracts from rehearsals

The Dramafreaks in rehearsals

The Dramafreaks on stage