The Little Mermaid (2011)

Ariel is a sixteen years old mermaid fascinated by the human world. With Flounder, her best friend, she collects objects from ships that sinked and now rest at the bottom of the seas. They later go to the surface to visit Scuttle, the seagull. Scuttle happens to know very little of this world. Ariel dreams to have legs and to live on Earth. One day, she saves Prince Eric from drowning and she falls in love with him. While waking up on the beach where Ariel left him, Eric hears her sing and vows to marry the girl with the lovely voice when he finds her.

In order to go near him again, Ariel strikes a deal with the witch Ursula, who is no other than her aunt. The witch sees in this occasion the chance to fulfill her dream to reign on the sea world. Ariel will give her legs in exchange for her voice. However, if she doesn't manage to kiss her prince within three days time, her soul will belong to the witch forever.

In the musical, Prince Eric throws a singing contest to find the voice that haunts

Extracts from the show

The Dramafreaks in rehearsals

The Dramafreaks on stage